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Originally Posted by skimmilk20 View Post
The past couple years they've done poorly I think... as BMW put it, they don't see it as being a central focus on their "new initiatives"

I'm just fearful that some of the racing heritage that makes BMW a BMW is gonna be lost.

Plus, Mercedes MacLaren and Braun have been kicking the shit out of BMW in recent events. This season BMW is in like 8th place out of 10... so maybe thats why.
A) Last year they were doing (and did) damn well until they stopped working on the 07 car and started preparing for this season.
B) We all know their "new initiatives" = making as much money as possible. Even if that means watering down the brand and slack on quality.
C) That racing heritage is already lost. There is no reason for not participating in DTM or F1, they just want $$$. They probably could careless about us enthusiats.
D1) MacLaren is spelled McLaren
D1.5) Its actualy Mclaren Mercedes (not vice versa)
D2) Braun = a shaver BrawnGP = a F1 team.
E) They have been at the back before, but why be a sore loser and give up?
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