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Originally Posted by drft92 View Post

Ok I'll put on my "big boy undies" by starting a new thread in the vendor comments/review/ feedback forum. I have a full schedule this week but will do my best to gather all the details and post them in a proper fashion. Jon you feel the need to resolve the issue which is great however it should have been handled when the incident occured. My honest opinion is that this is a damage control issue, for Jlevi not a customer resolution issue. Meaning that if I would have called you directly, the issue would not have even been entertained but now that it's on a public forum you and or your company feel the need to show forum members that your all about customer sevice(which is far from true). As I stated I will do my best to start a thread about my experience with Jlevi. Also please don't think for one minute that I am trying to get anything out of yourself or your organazation, I just want to make others aware of my experience.

You are entitled to think that, however Nick was most likely acting under our T&Cs, or possible misunderstood the situation. Often times we get a return back and have incomplete info - we think the customer has attempted to install and return, but in reality, he is having some little problem, and if the information isn't there, we make the mistake of going to charge restocking. I have a feeling this may have been a miscommunication/misunderstanding, and I want it sorted out. Or hey, maybe we did mistreat you. If that's the case, I DEFINITELY want to know about it. We as a company are constantly growing, evolving, and improving. You wouldn't believe it, but we didn't allow people to place deposits for exchanges until one day, someone told us "hey, guys, I know you need the part back, and I know a lot of customers probably don't return the part once they get their new stuff, but I do not want to take apart my headlight twice, so I need you to deal with this somehow."

We can only improve so much on our own, after that, it's just a matter of making mistakes and hoping that customers will be patient enough to say "hey, you know, when I ordered from, they did it this way, and I think that's better than how you guys do it." We can't always promise we'll make the change, but we CAN promise that we'll ALWAYS consider your feedback.

On that note, could you please also fill out our customer satisfaction survey, if you have time? That is one of the ways we constantly try to improve, and it helps us a lot if upset customers input their grievances. I know you're busy, but it would mean a lot to me.