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Originally Posted by Jlevi SW View Post
drft92 - Please chime in wherever you see fit. We're all grown-ups here. Let's put on our big boy undies and come to a resolution here so we can continue serving this community - you included - to the best of our ability. If I come to learn that either of you just wanted to rant and are unwilling to give me and my staff an opportunity to make things right, I will be very disappointed. I am opening our company up entirely to your criticisms.

Ok I'll put on my "big boy undies" by starting a new thread in the vendor comments/review/ feedback forum. I have a full schedule this week but will do my best to gather all the details and post them in a proper fashion. Jon you feel the need to resolve the issue which is great however it should have been handled when the incident occured. My honest opinion is that this is a damage control issue for Jlevi, not a customer resolution issue. Meaning that if I would have called you directly, the issue would not have even been entertained but now that it's on a public forum you and or your company feel the need to show forum members that your all about customer sevice(which is far from true). As I stated I will do my best to start a thread about my experience with Jlevi. Also please don't think for one minute that I am trying to get anything out of yourself or your organazation, I just want to make others aware of my experience.


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