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Originally Posted by KANdaddy View Post
There is no need for us to discuss this in private. My statement comes from personal experience as well as numerous posts by Nick that were hastily made with little or no substance at best OR outright lies at worst.

Just b/c you've been in the "industry" for 6 yrs and have sold lots of product does not automatically qualify you as a good, informed, truthful vendor. I literally live minutes from your facility and would rather buy someting from across the country and pay shipping than do business with you. This is because I simply do not trust you as a vendor.

Do not PM me about this as I will not respond. You can have this discussion..if you front of all the other memebrs of this forum.

Fundamentally, I know we are not dishonest, so if you'd like to have this discussion in public, I am open to it. I am even open to admitting that we, too, make mistakes, sometimes are given inaccurate information, and hey - sometimes we think we know something and turn out to be wrong. That's not what you're suggesting, however. You're suggesting that we are intentionally misleading people, that we are crooks or conmen, and that's what I want to get to the root of and dispel.

So, if you agree to be civil (as I most certainly do), I have nothing to hide and would welcome your inputs - be it in public or private. Maybe I will learn something.