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Originally Posted by Jlevi SW View Post
Not sure what leads you to believe that, as we make a point to always give the most relevant information we have available. After 6 years in the industry and tens of thousands of customers served, it concerns us very much to hear that we are losing the confidence of some customers.

Please take a moment to contact me directly to discuss your concerns, as we very much value your opinions (all of you).
1.888.JLEVISW x 7
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Thank you in advance for your time.
There is no need for us to discuss this in private. My statement comes from personal experience as well as numerous posts by Nick that were hastily made with little or no substance at best OR outright lies at worst.

Just b/c you've been in the "industry" for 6 yrs and have sold lots of product does not automatically qualify you as a good, informed, truthful vendor. I literally live minutes from your facility and would rather buy someting from across the country and pay shipping than do business with you. This is because I simply do not trust you as a vendor.

Do not PM me about this as I will not respond. You can have this discussion..if you front of all the other memebrs of this forum.