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All these 9/11 conspiracy theories are amazing to me. There was one conspiracy - that of 19 Arabs who decided to hijack 4 planes.

A few years ago I was involved in the controlled demo of some buildings here in Baltimore - about 18 stories, 5 or 6 buildings, old high rises. I was working for an engineering consulting firm who performed a site utility survey a couple of months prior to the big day.

As a benefit, we got to see how controlled demo is done. Without boring everyone, I fail to see how the twin towers could have been rigged for a controlled demo while they were occupied by 40000 people. What I saw in Baltimore was lots of wires taped to beams and running down corridors, lots of junction boxes, lots of holes drilled in columns, lots of explosives.

And why demo WTC 7 which the conspiracists will tell you was a 'Classic Controlled Demolition'? I mean bringing WTC 1 and 2 down wasn't enough lol.

Here's another - all the jewish people in 1 and 2 were told not to show up that morning. So we will assume then that there are 500-1000 people of jewish faith - maybe more who 'know the secret'. And yet none as in nobody, zip zilch, nada have gone to any media outlet where, for sure they would be paid a small fortune for this info. And none of them are Democrats who hate Bush and would surely aid in his demise if this info was brought forth.

You conspiracy believers need to be dispatched to the loony bin PDQ or at least don your tinfoil hats and resume the search for the black helicopters.
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