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Originally Posted by Mookster View Post
You guys dont like buying used cars? WHY? Let me hear...cuz you dont know how it was broken in?

You're all just trying to make yourself feel better since you have already lost $20k by buying new.

Nothing wrong with buying a used car, as long as you do all your hw.

Sometimes, its ok to buy a car thats been in minor accident too, most likely you end up saving even more. In OP's case, this car had way too much damage to even consider buying it...
Why are you so aggressive? Had a bad weekend? Nobody is trying to justify anything here and just know that I am not upset about my car having depreciated! I perfectly knew about this fact before I bought my (new) car, but since I am planning on keeping the car for a while and also wanted to order it exactly the way I wanted it, etc... but this not the important point we are discussing in this thread.

Anyhow, you have many good points and, to tell you the truth, my next daily driver will probably be a used car. So, in theory I agree with you that, if you do your homework, you could probably find a car that had been properly cared for by a car nut like me (or you???), which would be a great financial decision. But truth be told, I tried that when I was looking for a used e46 M3 but was unfortunately not successful... which led me to order my e92... I have not looked back ever since!!!
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