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Originally Posted by Mookster View Post
You guys dont like buying used cars? WHY? Let me hear...cuz you dont know how it was broken in?

You're all just trying to make yourself feel better since you have already lost $20k by buying new.

Nothing wrong with buying a used car, as long as you do all your hw.

Sometimes, its ok to buy a car thats been in minor accident too, most likely you end up saving even more. In OP's case, this car had way too much damage to even consider buying it...
Originally Posted by hogwild View Post
Buying used is totally different than buying one in an accident, No comparison!This isnt about buying used!!

There was a comment passed, and I happened to agree with it. It's not about being against buying any used car, but about buying a used 'high-performance car'. The reason being is because I feel that a previous owner may tend to push the 'high-performance' car much harder than just a regular car.....And there can be too much to worry about when owning a used high-performance vehicle. If you disagree, that's perfectly fine.

Excuse my thread jacking......Please continue.