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Forget the artist's impression.

The idea of a lighter, more aerodynamic car is fantastic.

The biggest problem with the E9x vs the E36 is size, and weight. It's turned from a sports sedan into a luxo barge. Leave old man cars to Benz, and bring back a light 3er.

No offense intended to E90 owners, but I think most long time BMW fans would agree that we now have a 1 that's more like a 3, a 3 that is more like a 5, 5 that is more like a 7, and a 7 that's more like a 14!

I know not all 3er owners want a "small" 3 series, but those are the guys that the 5 should be built for. The 5, in my view, is meant to be a fun, luxurious, comfortable and capable cruising car, but now the differentiation in roles between the 3 and the 5 has become less clear.

For those who want a sports sedan from BMW, options are limited, as only the M3 really has the dynamics and fun factor you'd expect from a BMW sedan. The E90 is a class leader (though the A4 is impressive also), but the E46 and E36 were just more fun to drive.

Creating a bigger distinction between the 3 and the 5 would be good for BMW. It would encourage more guys looking for a large and luxurious, yet still sporting car to step up to a 5, and ensure the loyalty of guys who want a light, maneuverable sports sedan.
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