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Originally Posted by Nawaaz View Post
And that is simply why I love to rev my M3. The engine is so athletic. It's just a different feeling when you compare it to other performance cars. If you like to rev, the M3 is definitely for you.
Ofcourse, seems you could not sense the sarcasm in his post. The heart and aural assault of high-revving engines at full boil are only "annoying" to the non-purists and non-enthusiasts. That is what high-revving engines are all about. Entertaining all of your senses.

I have owned a few torquey low revving cars in the past with less than 7000 rpm redlines( including a 2001 Mustang GT V8 etc.) and in terms of sheer driving and sound excitement, high-revving screamers with fast piston speeds especially V8s nothing else measures up to it. That is what really draws me into high-revving engines and makes me forget it does not make mountains of torque down at 2000 rpm because they are so special where it truly counts. That is what makes me love the character and soul of F430s, LP560s, LP640s, Carrera GTs to name a few. Take out the high-revving masterpiece engines and I would not care about them over ZR-1s and GT-Rs etc.

You can never make a low revving car especially V8 sound this good. Part F1 car and part muscle car. Period.

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