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Installed mine today, although not an AA unit, but Turner's, I read whatever instructions I could find on here before started doing it. Two areas I spent most time in, removing/reinstalling the fan and removing/reinstalling the crank pulley. Fan was a bitch to come out, going back in wasn't too bad, just had to stand up and crawl under the car couple times to clip the hoses back on the fan. Crank pulley wasn't hard, just time consuming because I couldn't see where the bolts were located, once they were hand tightened, I torqued them down to about 20ft-lbs in a pattern like I torque down a wheel. Other than these, very straight forward. I used a torque wrench with 14mm socket to move the tension pulleys in case someone needs to know. If I rushed through the install, I know I could have it done in less than an hour, but I was very careful and didn't want to go over the whole thing again to make sure I did everything right, so it took me 1.5 hrs. Very enjoyable experience.