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Originally Posted by Finnegan View Post
Return the car.

First, there's the principle of the thing--this "deal" stinks and you've got a way to gracefully exit with no long term harm to you (other than wasted time, frustration, and etc). I just wouldn't keep it on principle.

Second, 47K for a vehicle with visible damage (and potentially other damage as well--given the door fit, the suspension) is not, IMO, a good deal. Once a car sustains this type of damage it just isn't the same. What if there are other "things" such as damage you can't see, or rust in the future, etc. I recall one post here where someone had work done, then later water accumulated in some panel and shorted out the audio and caused other secondary damage. Why risk it?

Third, there's the resale/value of the car in the future.

Lastly, I don't know about you, but there's an emotional component: I would feel sour on the deal in general and the car, and I'd never have a good feeling about it.

47K is a lot of money. Find another M3 you can fall in love with and one that doesn't come with all of this baggage.
what if I can get them to CPO it?