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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
OK giving that a very generous 23 lb for rear seat padding you are at ~160 lb. What about the stuff that makes the car heavier. 200 lb net reduction would be great but again I don't see where it is going to come from.
Maybe so, total rear seat wait when removed saves you about 45lbs, these have been weighed. IŽll let you be the judge and donŽt wish to argue about it. The list I posted above is not exhaustive and I apologize for it not being so. In any case, I did say 200lbs is a goal and with all things it is pretty close. Which items do you suggest weigh more? The engine weighs no more (and in fact maybe a tad less), seats, drive train, etc... only two add on`s weigh more and are the rear boot lid bar and the B pillar bar. The stock seat belts with its mechanisms will be removed as well for instance as will some other things when I track. You, as all, are more than welcome to visit the car and watch it perform at Willow springs.

My apologies for the delayed responses I have unfortunately been very, very busy!!!

Originally Posted by M3Kernow View Post
Very very impressive M-Mexico! I have the RD Springs and Pulley on my M3, should be going in for a their engine management software remap next soon.
Congratulations and thanks!!