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The wheels are photographed 'as is', out of the mill, nothing done to them, hence the odd finish (it's cutting lubricant). This first set was polished, then shot-peened, and finally glass beeded and clear anodyzed. I will post some pictures of the finished wheel later today.

Some of you have expressed concerns about understeer, but we are also changing sway-bars and suspension, so there is more to tire size to add to the equation. The RS46 needs more than a 295 in the rear, as any of their owners will confirm.

We are planning a shakedown of the car at Willow Springs some time in early September, at which point some of these numbres may change, but you are all welcome to come and take a look at the car firsthand.

If we can swing it, we may try and have some track time for other M3s to compare performance with the RS46 Competizione. If we do, all other M3s are welcome, especially the supercharged ones.