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I really do not know what to think about it. I though the concept was a sports car like M1 Hommage or Gina, that was going to be "clean", with small turbo charged engines, hybride and lightweight. But this seams to be a 4 door coupé, so why call it "Z"? And we allready had a 4 door coupé concept, the CS, a supercar concept, the M1 Hommage, and a "Z" concept the Gina, so whats is the sense of making again such a car concept? I thought it would be the Z2, but it seams to be the 6 GT (CLS and A7 rivale), look how big it is, what can there be "efficient" in it. Would not BMW present two concepts, a 4 door-coupé and a "green" sportcar?

Whatever it is, it should look great, I can't wait to see it.