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I love the ///M3, but I want 550hp ///M5
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wtf! this came out of no where! this looks like it was based off that ugly retro concept in reddish copper color that came out a few months ago... that sketch is crazy... this looks like a complete leap in a brand new direction of design... aka 'POST BANGEL ERA' hopefully it remains in a BMWs class.. but still setting standards that others will try to soon follow... i'm excited... if this is a 4dr 6er... well holly smokes.. they beat Mercedes.. Mercedes was trying to 4dr the CL or one of their sports cars (as if the CLS wasnt enough).

oh and..
the wheels suck... one thing is for sure.. this WILL most certainly have an M badge/engine in it at some point... I CAN'T wait to see what the front and rear really look like!!!