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Originally Posted by ching View Post
In that driving show on speed with Tommy Kendall, they had 3 pro racing car drivers take the m3 through the tests they put you through in m school. In the Slalom test, one of the drivers remarked that they had the fastest time with traction control on.

Traction control was banned in F1 in 2008. I doubt it was because traction control was making drivers too slow.
A transient slalom is a totaly different scenario than lapping a racetrack will ever present.A modern tire usually presents its greatest traction up to a level of 10% slippage and unfortunatly MDM seems to intervene well below this threshold.When I have tried the MDM it really slowed up the car on corner exit in fast 3rd gear corners where I had no problem using full throttle with the MDM off and wheelspin was not much of an issue before the rear tires went off during the day.

A racing level traction control is a very different item than the way it is managed in a street car that must meet emission standards and has catalytic converters.Most race systems just cut fuel and or spark to control the engine power which is why you would hear all the poping & banging when the system was active.Street systems control throttle plate angle and then varying other levels of intervention from fuel & ignition timing and brake intervention in order to control wheelspin and or yaw angle.Two totaly different systems for sure.
I also imagine that the racing TC systems have become much more sophisticated in the last few years than when I was exposed to their use.