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Originally Posted by foosh View Post
On car forums people always like to brag (or think) that they are quicker without it. I never see any data to support that. For a pro, it's a different matter. There are not many pros on car forums.
An intermediate driver is equal or faster with DSC, an advanced driver will be faster without it. I'm over a second quicker at my local 1.7 mile track w/o DSC. I'm not even close to being the fastest anything.

DSC will let you get out of shape but cuts in during trail braking, rotation, throttle steering in smaller radius corners. Big sweeping high speed tracks it's about equal. Not saying sliding is fast, but sometimes larger slip angles than DSC likes is.

It's good to learn how to drive the car without it, learn where the edge is and drive to it, instead of being bounced off it by the car. It's just more fun also.

I think the myth is actually the opposite of yours, that we're told it's faster with the babysitter, that the car is faster than any driver, I disagree.