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Originally Posted by consolidated View Post
MDM, DCT off, it's just a lot more fun and can be a better, albeit steeper, learning experience.
Yes, you meant DSC, of which MDM is just the aggressive setting, as Big Windy pointed out.

For a beginner in any high-performance car, DSC off (or its equivalent) will be a "steeper" learning experience for sure, and it may also be a very expensive one. Even DSC in the standard mode will not save you from a bad mistake. Even for someone with average track experience, MDM will likely be the quickest way around the track.

In the high-performance driving schools I've been through driving school cars (e.g. C6 Z06), they will not let you turn stability control off. If you do and if you depart the track with contact, their insurance (which you pay for, $1500 deductable) is null and void, and you pick up the whole tab.

On car forums people always like to brag (or think) that they are quicker without it. I never see any data to support that. For a pro, it's a different matter. There are not many pros on car forums. Moreover, the really fast pros do crash on occasion.

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