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Many of those products are not going to work well with your setup, especially the exhaust pipe clamp on versions.
That will almost certainly cause a clearance issue by trying to navigate it around the various parts in the undercarriage of your car.

Even if it fits, you have to worry about it rattling against some other part and causing unwanted NHV, or ratting loose in six months to a year.

My advice to you would be this...

Once you have found the aftermarket exhaust you want to keep...then find a good high-temp thremo powdercoating shop in your area, and have the pipes jet coated.

This will significantly reduce the radiated heat of your exhaust pipes that are passing though that sensitive diff/CV boot area.

It's a one time cost, it's durable, it's effective, and you'll never have to worry about it again.

If you still want to go with the whole external wrap or bolt-on heat shield thing...I would reuse the OEM heat shields if possible.
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