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Originally Posted by Ryan(e92) View Post
Wow! That is a modded M3 if ive ever seen one. Smoked tailights arent my thing but everything else is pure sex. Very impressive. How does it drive?
The smoked tail lights are not my thing either, remember this black M3 only has the same kit but is not my car. Mine is AW. I will post more pictures late tomorrow so that we can all follow the progress.

Originally Posted by 3XTR3M3 View Post
Agreed. RD does unquestionably great work, but does it really make sense to throw in BMW performance seats and slap a RD logo on it?
For sure if it is not your thing you donīt have to go with the RD logos, I did simply because I didnīt like the BMW Performance logo, you can go with M3 logos, stay with the original or whatever you wish. I found the RD logo a tad different and looks much better than BMW Performance.

Originally Posted by Panda///Monic View Post
I really like the wheels

Clever way to mount the harness bar behind the pillar and hidden right before the rear window
The only other bar I have seen was drilled right into the middle of the seat belt holder and looked terrible

Can I get a price or any info on the harness bar??
Hmm, I wouldnīt really know since it was a package deal. RD would be able to tell you.

Originally Posted by adc View Post
To track the car, won't 245/305 tires promote terrible understeer?

I mean people put 15mm spacers in front on stock wheels, so I imagine with the correct offset it should be possible to put 265 or up to 285 front tires...
Could be a fair enough point, I would add however that this may be a tad different because of weight and dynamics of wheels, tires, adjustable sway bars, brakes and springs among other things that are different from stock. Finally 305s in the rear are necessary because its difficult to put all the power down efficiently and this seams to do it a lot better.