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Heat Shield Options For Aftermarket Exhausts

As discussed on a recent thread, our stock exhaust has heat shields right next to the differential to protect both the differential and CV boots from radiated heat. Most aftermarket exhausts don't include any (only Corsa, at least on their pictures).

For those of us who want to protect our CV boots, there're 3 choices (available here: and

- 1'L, 6"W clamp-on heat shield clamped against pipe ($20 each).
- 1'L, 6"W clamp-on heat shield with stand-offs, like 'Badfish's ($30 each)
- 15'L, 2"W exhaust insulating wrap (would cover about 1' as well) ($15 total).

Only problem I have with the first 2 choices is clamps are visible from the rear. The 3rd choice would be practically invisible from behind, and much cheaper.

The simple question is: How much more heat would the wrap allow to radiate compared to the heatshield? Heat shields supposedly block 95% of radiant heat. Wonder what the number is with the wrap back there.

And what's the difference between choice #1 and #2? Both claim to block 95% of radiated heat, but I'd think the stand-offs provide better blockage, no? Question here is if we're better off spending $30 extra on #2 over #1.

Comments welcome, and hope this helps. Started a new thread to have the appropriate subject. Thanks gang.

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