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Originally Posted by stylinexpat View Post
Everything but the finishing on those wheels looks great.
The finishing is not yet complete, these wheels still have to be shot peened etc... the seats do not of course save 100lbs per side, they save only about 20lbs total. The rear seats are refinished with lighter and less padding etc... and that saves another 23lbs I believe. Wheels and tires save another 28 lbs in all four points and brakes another 8lbs. Exhaust etc... in titanium saves about 38lbs. Fly wheel/clutch about 28lbs. Boot lid 11 lbs, new battery back 35lbs, plus a few other goodies here and there for the difference. Engine after all has been said and done is the same except for a lower center of gravity. Anyway, thats sort of the scoop. lol!! Oh, yes, some of you suggest other Recaro seats that would save ALOT more weight, the problem with those is that none had the side impact air bags and I am unwilling to forgo those. You sure could save a lot more weight if one wanted to by removing subwoofers, washer fluid, and so on.

Naturally I will include more pics and things move along.

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