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I can't belive this car is a 4 door family sedan.
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hey Mike,

Here is a quick run down for you- The install is pretty straight forward.

Just the installation of the DSSR is not near as involved as pulling the carrier/shifter out of the car. The exhaust mid pipe has to be loosened but not removed. This is much easier to do than the shifter.

Once the car is up in the air,

1) Unbolt the rear mid pipe to muffler clamps and separate pipes.

2) Unbolt the rear mid pipe support bracket that holds the mid pipe to the body. This allows the rear of the mid pipe to hang a little lower.

3) Unbolt the exhaust heat shield that is directly above the mid pipe.

4) Once it is free, slide the heat shield back towards the rear of the car. You might have to pull down slightly on the mid pipe to get it to slide back easily. This will give you full access to the selector rod.

5) Remove both clips off of both sides of the factory selector rod. This can be done by using your fingers instead of tools. Sometimes the use of tools makes it actually harder!

6) Remove factory selector rod from the car by pushing the rod towards the side of the transmission tunnel freeing the pins from the transmission and bottom of the shifter..

7) Reinstall DSSR back into its place using the pins/bushings/washers and new U-clips supplied with the DSSR. The DSSR is a very precise fit to eliminate slop or play at this joint. Sometimes the angle of the DSSR/receiving hole might not line up perfectly which can cause the pin to not slide in. Just wiggle it around until it slides through. *Important!* If you are using the Evo3 shortshift kit, make sure you install the provided bearing washers between the lower roller bearings and bearing liners. This provides a smooth range of motion between the Dssr and the Evo3 shifter as well as keeping dirt and grime out of the bearings themselves.

Side job- Once you have the DSSR installed- Shift through all 7 gears (6 gears + reverse ) once or twice just to make sure everything is sliding and shifting smoothly.

8) Slide heat shield forward again and install screws and nuts to secure it. Make sure that it lines up properly with the holes on the rear mid pipe brace as the heat shield is sandwiched between the body and the bracket. If it doesn't, loosen heat shield and adjust as necessary.

9) Bolt the mid pipe rear bracket back on via the 4 bolts.

10) Mate rear muffler pipes back to the mid pipe and tighten exhaust clamps.

Enjoy! Your shifting quality will be more direct and will also not get sloppy over time!