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I've been noticing a trend on these forums when its come to the topic of used 08 M3 prices. Seems everyone has an opinion on what these cars should sell for and its usually a low number. Funny thing is I never hear it from people who actually brought cars at that low price that they cite. Can people at least reference if they brought cars at these ridiculous low prices, if they going to throw out these low prices? It would help 'real' private sellers/buyers on what the realistic market is for these cars.

And lets try to stay away from the Manheim auction prices, cause:

a) the majority of folks here aren't licensed dealers or have friends who are dealers who can buy those cars for them.

b) There is a difference in a car that is brought from an auction and from say a private owner. With the private owner car, you are getting a bit more security in knowing about the car, (ie service, where they brought it, did they take care of the car, etc.). That is why when you compare apples to apples, a private sold car would be worth more then a car that is an unknown quality (i.e. from the auctions).