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Originally Posted by dean_g View Post
I just got the full gintani set up installed late sunday night and have been driving around yesterday and today and so far have gotten 5 thumbs up and a couple broken necks..

This set up has to be by far the best i have heard so far and i've heard a lot of different set ups from AA to ASR to Meisterschaft to etc..

Also the difference in power is noticable. Very noticable actually.

So really if you are someone like me 1 month ago where i was very confused as to which exhaust to purchase dont hesitate any longer because ur just wasting time give them a call and order it!

This set up is SICK.

And not only is the set up sick but Alex (from Gintani) is a great guy very easy to talk to and get intouch with everything from ordering the exhaust to receiving it was perfect he called me when the exhaust was shipped out gave me the tracking number called me to make sure i received it and always asked me to update him as to when i got it installed if i liked it etc. Great guy over all. Would purchase from him again. I had a very good experience.

These are my same thoughts, Ive heard many exhaust set ups in person and im not just saying this cause I have it but I still have not heard any as good sounding as the Gintani exhaust. The power it adds is one of the highest out there hands down.