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Originally Posted by FrenchBoy View Post
3. I emptied the oil left in the oil filter reservoir (with a syringe). I added about 8.3L of oil and the reading is now right in the middle. I will monitor in the next few days to see if that changes
Update. After getting the initial ready in the middle of the range on my first drive after the oil change, it took a few more drives (my commute is short) before I got another reading. Which was last night. And it said "+1qt". I added a bit of oil (a couple of times) and eventually got the marker in the middle. Total oil added was about 8.8L.

The "+1qt" reading is pretty misleading. If I had added an actual quart, I think I would have overfilled the engine with oil.

As others have said, the process is quite annoying. A dip stick is clearly an easier approach. However, since there are 2 reservoirs, it may not be a viable option. Unless you have 2 dip sticks of course...

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