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2 cents

it all over folks Michael Schumacher is back and this has taken a backseat. Back to my point before about driver and the car. Ferrari need him and it drives wins with an impact on sales. He also has a huge say and can do what he wants to do at Ferrari.

BMW needed Alonso and that would have begun one hell of a marriage for years to come, from a drivers championship point of view, constructors championship, and the overall German competition between Merc etc. It might have gone down in history if it all stuck like glue and made it awesome to watch on tv. Unfortunately it did not happen for many fans and it was very wishful thinking on my part. Also I dont think Renault is in the USA under the Renault badge. Is there?

Formula 1 fans will have to hope the silly season from now to the end plays out well. And the Renaults can put up a fight.

BMW has so many cars now, I just want a fast sportscar with it being small. Something comparable to a 911, with a huge engine.

But then how do you plan to advertise it, watch an M3 winning? get back in the big game folks..F1!

Im not sure if there is still a way to do this, you guys are the experts..