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Originally Posted by djben View Post
I think the crime thing depends on where you are in Miami.

I moved from the Tampa / Pinellas county area and there were plenty of rough spots. Hell, we had riots there a while back -- the only other US city to have major riots other than L.A. in my life time. Guns/gangs/violence were a problem in the public schools I went to. I bet the areas m3jlp mentioned under "Hialeah" (Liberty City, Miami Gardens, Overtown, etc) probably account for most of the high crime rate in Miami...

About 100K+ jobs -- most people my age I know here are lawyers and doctors who are north of that range along with people in IT (my field). I don't know anyone in real estate.
Its the same in all major US cities, there are places you want to be, and others you want to avoid.
Im moving to ATL soon, its a rough city too if you are in the wrong places, especially at night.
I never had any issues in Coral Gables, its a very good area.

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