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Originally Posted by SUB-ZERO View Post
No idea what I am talking about? Believe me, I have plenty of idea what I am talking about...not just did I live there for many years and attend school there (elementary to highschool; graduated from Sunset Senior High) but I still have family living there and several friends.

There is a guy on the GTR forum that just had his wheels stolen from the front of his an affluent neighborhood. My dad had his Vet stolen from our house near Country Walk and I was almost car jacked last time I was there...luckily I was packing and was able to diffuse the situation.

The school system is terrible and geared towards mentally challenged people...I remember being a B student in high school without even trying and working almost 40 hours a week....when I got to college, I realized that what I learned was way below what I should of been learning all along.....essentially learned everything from scratch; Math was especially difficult since I was in a Computer Science program.

When I was 15, I almost got shot the Falls (different occasions), for no reason that I was aware of. Mind family wasn't rich but we were middle class and lived in a nice neighborhood.

Out of a class of 1200 seniors, only 625 received highschool diplomas...most of the guys I have found over the years and that are still living there are either not doing very well or mixed up in some serious stuff. The ones who succeeded moved out of Miami soon after graduating.

In my opinion, it has only gotten worse. All the "ballers" who had their real-estate license and were making money hand-over-fist years ago are dead in the water, home prices have crashed since the level of foreclosures is through the roof (that's what happens when you buy a $500k house and sell ice cream for a living), unemployment is super high and professional jobs don't pay a respectable salary....try to find a legit $100k+ job in Miami and then get back to me.

Although drug dealing is down some, the criminals have all moved to other forms of crime and dishonest business.

Of course, these are all negative aspects. The beach is great, parties are great, women are beautiful...I can get all this on a vacation without having to deal with the real Miami.

Actually, I lived in Charleston, SC for a while and found many of the positive aspects of Miami without any of the drawbacks.

I can pull stats for you if you want to show you where my "misinformation" came from.


Actually, here is a quick crime stat for national average to Miami. Also, keep in mind cost of living, average salary, inflation, etc...

Another Link that shows education levels slightly higher but gives a better overall picture:

I think the crime thing depends on where you are in Miami.

I moved from the Tampa / Pinellas county area and there were plenty of rough spots. Hell, we had riots there a while back -- the only other US city to have major riots other than L.A. in my life time. Guns/gangs/violence were a problem in the public schools I went to. I bet the areas m3jlp mentioned under "Hialeah" (Liberty City, Miami Gardens, Overtown, etc) probably account for most of the high crime rate in Miami...

About 100K+ jobs -- most people my age I know here are lawyers and doctors who are north of that range along with people in IT (my field). I don't know anyone in real estate.
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