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Changed my oil yesterday. Process is pretty straight forward. Here are a couple of comments:

1. Both drain plugs required a 6mm Allen wrench. It initially confused me because the DIY mentions 2 different plugs (6mm and 8mm). I did not take thread measurements but both plugs look pretty similar to me.

2. In addition to the large filter housing o-ring, remember to replace the copper crush washers with new ones; they are provided with the filter.

3. I emptied the oil left in the oil filter reservoir (with a syringe). I added about 8.3L of oil and the reading is now right in the middle. I will monitor in the next few days to see if that changes

4. Greg, you mention that you used the front center jack point after the rear is up on ramps. I tried that but there was no way my jack (which is somewhat low profile) would fit under the car once the rear is up on ramps. Do you have a special jack or technique? I ended up using a jack on each side to lift the front. Worked well.

Thanks for this DIY.

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