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Guys, let's not go too far out in left field. F1 has always led to in production developments, from traction control, ABS/Computer controlled braking, tiptronic transmissions, and would imagine some day a form of KERS. The top aerospace engineers and designers work on the teams, and are some the brightest minds in the world. While it's not like Honda who came and out relatively quickly, BMW has been in F1 for decades in one form or another. I do hope they don't abandon their racing routes entirely remain in such series as AMLS, etc, and they probably will. F1 as a solo manufacturer is an expensive proposition, and globally everyone is hurting. Heck, I'd think a BMW DTM US spec series would be a great thing...however, we still have to get past the NASCARvision that floods the US airwaves. There hasn't been all that many new road courses to open in recent years, let alone much improvements to the existing tracks.