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Originally Posted by 06alpine3
Florida will get the nod from the voters. Its going to be a UF-OSU title game.

The SEC is hands down the best conference in football. Pure speed at every skill position on almost every team. The talent level is so high on these teams (minus Kent.,Vandy) that they all end up beating the crap out of each other during the regular season. The top teams in the SEC... Florida, LSU, Ark, Tenn, Auburn, UGA, are heads and shoulders above the top 6 in the Big Ten. Outside of Ohio, Michigan and Wisc., there arent any great teams this year.

OSU is obviously the best team in the country, mainly because of Smith. People can argue Mich should get a rematch, but i believe if you dont win your conference, you have no business playing in the title game.

And who ever said Florida doesnt have the talent or the athletes clearly hasnt watched college football this year. The talent and speed at WR/RB/TE and all over the defense is frightening and probably better than OSU. Freshman RB Percy Harvin will be a heisman candidate next year even as a sophomore, WATCH. QB and O-Line play will cost the gators though.
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