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Originally Posted by shahsk30 View Post
blake, i ordered my macbook pro should be here shortly
About time, everyone has a mbp... mine was expensive as fuck. Love it though..

Originally Posted by shahsk30 View Post
is that the m3? ahah ill buy your m3 when you sell it and get a gt3
I don't think he's going to want to sell his M3 lol..but there's a local in dallas selling his M3. Its beautiful. Check my posts to go look at his thread he just posted...he wants like 51k for it and it's beautiful and modded nicely.

Originally Posted by Blake View Post
lol, i kinda have to laugh because i thought i was going to be on easy street, but there is a lot more to this project than first met the eye. hopefully the hard work will be over within a month or two.
Hahaha yeah I hope so too. Is the job worth the money?
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