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Originally Posted by Blake View Post
well, VPN will basically allow you to be in the office network from any remote location. as far as what you're talking about, VPN could be setup to access the resources for whatever program he uses to sign these things. it would be faster, but i don't know the policies of his hospital, etc., unless he's in a private practice and he makes the rules. odds are, a hospital enterprise system is already in place that might be able to be used in this case. that's something he needs to discuss with his IT people or pay me the big bux! haha

and about the gt3, i need to be responsible about it, ordering it right away isn't very responsible! i already made one irresponsible impulse car purchase before i could realistically afford it...............
He's has his own private practice, so he can do whatever the hell he wants..including paying me $25/hr for miscellaneous work

I'll run this by it difficult to setup or are there any cons? I don't think he really cares how much it costs as long as it's not uber expensive..

Blake, you had 2 cars..forget your sick lifted sierra? I wish I could have seen it before its death R.I.P.

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