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It's funny watching that vid and they talk about their heritage of history of racing, and passion - sounds like a bunch of marketing hype now.

In a lot of ways, BMW's management style reminds me of General Motors Corp years ago. For a while they poured everything into factory sponsorship of racing - made a big splash - it's a our passion, our love. After a couple of years they were getting they asses kicked pretty bad and didn't manage to capitalize the marketing $'s. So, they picked up their toys went home.

In one since with the world economy in the tank, it shouldn't be a big surprise. Blowing how many millions every year with little to show for it. Some of their "M" marketing decisions sound a lot like GM board room marketing hype and politics. Instead of the "M" really meaning something, it a plaything to make a buck. Makes one question if racing and performance is really in BMW's blood or if it's just a sideline to sell cars.

Ferrari - F1 is no 1, selling cars to consumers is only a sideline to pay for F1.