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This guy is a jerk off...probably one of those guys who bases a car's performance on one trip around the block.

Not sure why so many love to hate on the's a bad ass car and outperforms 97% of the cars out there. Yes, the GTR outperforms an M3 in terms of performance...then again, a GTR also outperforms a $225,000 F430.

At the end of the day....the M3 will wipe the floors with almost any car out there, it looks amazing, the build quality is great and the luxury is awesome. I can take it to the track out of the box but also pick up a client or drive the boss to a meeting the very next day.

The only ones who talk $hit about the M3 are those who have never driven one or cannot afford one.

If I wanted an SRT4 or an STI I would buy one (or two, three)...actually I had an STI and a G35 and drove my brothers 350Z all the time. I've driven my buds 360 Modena and drove in many of 911TT...and yes, the M3 is badass.