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Originally Posted by croaker View Post
I think this was a brilliant bit of work on Ferraris part. Bringing Michael Schumacher back while Massa is recovering is the best thing to happen to F1 this season. For Ferrari it will bring some very positive press their way. Lets face it, Kimi is not exactly the most charismatic guy ever. Ferrari needs someone with some passion, and love him or hate him, Schumacher has always had that in spades. Plus, I really think he has been itching to race again, but his continued affiliation with Ferrari has made this nearly impossible. This way he can come back for a bit, score some points, and slide back into retirement. To those who think this is unfair to the test drivers, I say give me a break. This is a business and those guys bring nothing to the table.

For F1 this is a huge break. I mean it has already made the exit of BMW from F1 a page two story. If every race he is in does not sell out Ill be surprised. Im just wondering how much my G3 Eau-Rouge tickets are worth now.

All that said. I really hope Massa is able to return. He really deserves a championship, and I honestly think that is playing a large part in Schumachers decision to return.
+1. Perfect!