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Originally Posted by r53s65e90 View Post
I am sure this is going to be one of the most interesting threads (subscribed). Thanks everyone for the valuable pointers.

Track Days: After some 30+ track events in the last 3 years, I have seen a lot of mishaps almost exclusively in the advanced groups. Since I don't want to have to file any claim in the first place, I follow the guidelines below:
  1. Avoid full open passing groups even though they may be more fun.
  2. I do not use timers since I know they will eventually make me push beyond the limit. I have great fun working on a turn by turn basis not pushing hard all the time.
  3. Spot the hot heads (EASY), give them lots of room and admire their driving prowess.
  4. Use the pit lane to find space.
  5. Prefer weekday events

Some good advice there for sure!I agree totaly about the weekend thing as the squids tend to come out a lot more on the weekends.Oh there I go using a bike term once again but it sure applies in all forms of motorsport.