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Originally Posted by M2381 View Post
BMW is slowing losing my loyalty.

M SUVs and now this shit?

Yes they had to cut their losses, but BMW is always talking about passion and racing but simply quit when they don't do well in F1?

IF their next M cars are shit then I'm jumping to porsche
Porsche is bankrupt, they will soon be owned by VW... As far as SUV's, well they almost saved Porsche.

BMW is at least an independent company surviving in a world where the new reality says you must build over 3 million cars a year to be viable.

Porsche has been out of F1 for almost 20 years, they haven't raced in the top class at Le Mans for almost 10 years. Small fortunes were made in racing from very large fortunes. BMW is smart to cut their losses before they loose their independence.

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