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I really dislike those making the decisions at BMW right now, BMW does not stand for efficient dynamics, its good that they can make efficient cars but that should not be what defines them. If I want efficient I will get a prius or VW tdi. If I want performance and driving dynamics I get a BMW.
OK lets talk seriously if BMW Brought out a supercar rival to the Audi R8 how many can actually afford it? And not by Lease.
because when were were evaluating the strategy for a ltd run on the BMW M1Hommage once we seperated demand from the dreamers there was no case for a business strategy.

Efficient Dynamics is our strategy and so is Project-i , BMW are the current pioneers in lowering it's emissions in it's products and with it's new developments aim to be the leaders in the future.
Efficient Dynamics is about the best of both worlds - The best drivers car in it's segment with class leading efficiency.