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iTrader: (39) | Premier Formula One Film Cleanse & Crystalline by *PREMIER*

PYSpeed is proud to work with Premier Mobile Group - Protective Films International to bring their cleaning products for sale here.

You can easily order these straight from our website.
PYSpeed Premier Products


Traditionally, plastic cleaners were the main source for cleaning paint protection film. However, these products were never designed specifically for clear bras. Chemicals within plastic cleaners can actually be harmful to the film if left on for an extended period of time. Certain propellants within aerosol canisters are responsible for excessively drying out the pores of the clear bra, which then leaves them open to the elements and yellowing.

PF1 Film Cleanse - a non-aerosol product that is designed specifically for the acrylic clear coat of today’s paint protection film. The clear coat on clear bras are very different from the clear coat on cars’ paint today, which is why Premier in early 2008 set out to develop a product that can properly clean paint protection film. The product will not dry out the pores of the film and does not carry any type of polish that can abrade the film. Film Cleanse is a deep cleaner with acrylic resins designed to lift the dirt off the film before cleaning / wiping. The product not only deep cleans, but it also does not strip the film of protective sealants and waxes.

PF1 Crystalline - "The First Nano Bonding Sealant designed for your clear Bra" “Protect, enhance, and lengthen the life of your clear bra with PF1 Crystalline”
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