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R6s? You guys are nuts unless the OP is driving in the top group and looking for that last second and planning take a set of drivers so he doesn't puncture his Hoohoos or hydroplane off the highway on the way there. R6=$$$ and short "real" lifespan. Sure you can drive them til the indicators are gone but they're not fast after X heat cycles. You also need to be fast enough to work the tires to temp or they'll be no faster than R888, NT-01, RA1, MPSC whatever.

Go with NT-01s, cheaper than those mentioned here, last a long time, wear to the bone, and have enough tread to get your there and back, drive wet sessions and look like a hero.

Also consider the Direzza, Kumho XS, NT-05 etc., the new batch of near R tires look fantastic. I was at the track test when Grassroots Motorsports did their latest test, the driver raved about the new crop of tires, check out the article.

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