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Originally Posted by mvagusta View Post
So if I don't see a ses light in the next 2-3 days I'm good. I go through a tank of gas a week.
If you don't see a SES light by now, you probably dodged a bullet this time.

Just to give you a much needed wake up call...

Here is a breakdown of the parts that would have been ruined if you continued to use LEADED race fuel in your car:

Left+Right primary catalyst pipe /w/ secondary cats and resonators: $4500

PRE-CAT 02 (LAMBDA) sensors: $540 pair

POST-CAT 02 (LAMBDA) sensors: $540 pair

Total price for just these parts...


These are just some of the parts that would have required replacement.

I left a number of other parts out, and I didn't even factor in LABOR charges yet...

Hopefully you have learned a valuable lesson here, and you'll be more careful in the future. Treat this close call as a learning experience, and take your time before jumping into another situation like this one again.
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