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Also got my got my back today - two days away having it's brain reworked to version 2.34.

Only done a few miles this avo - but on braking/slowing from D4/D5 round corner or approaching roundabout the gearbox is now handling gear change on accelaration pretty perfectly and with vigour!

Keen to get some more miles clocked up to see if any other DCT characteristic has reacted badly - but so far all is good.

This is so much more like the gear selection you'd expect from a standard auto now and should take the potential for "lag embarassment" away entirely!

Service dept also confirmed that if owners present the SIB to ANY dealer(previously referred to in this thread) there should NOT be any problems in getting work done under warranty.....

PS I tripped journey computer when I left it at dealers and they only put 4 miles on the clock - albeit it at a rather poor average of 8.9MPG!!!!!!!