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Originally Posted by HREM3 View Post
I thought this was cool for about 5 minutes. Then realized that the money you spend on an M3 is not only for the drive train.

So not only are you stripping what you paid good money for, but you're spending money on making additions to make it track ready.

To top it off, one can search the used market and find bargains for a 997 GT3, and with some balls you can get the RS version (by balls I mean more money).

For what it is though...Awesome! Simply Awesome!
I see what you are saying about the GT3, but a stock GT3 is not race ready either. You'd have to put a full cage in it, strip it (even a GT3 can be stripped further), and install the other safety equipment. And this guy probably picked up a used 08 M3 for a little under $50k (or at least that is probably what the car was worth before the conversion). A used 997 GT3 will run you more like $80k I think.