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Originally Posted by JC919 View Post
I really don't get all the negative comments. This guy wanted to build a car to race in NASA (in which there are already tons of 911s) and this is a very nice build by one of the best BMW shops in the country. Its his money so no one needs to debate the better options. I myself wouldn't do this to my ///M but its cool to see something different, its cool to see the possibilities out there. I myself would like to see the kind of lap times this car could put down compared to a stock e92M.

^A good response, maybe some of you could be a little more open to something different rather than railing on the owner/idea b/c its not the route you'd go with your car. Not every M3 owner has to throw a set of heavy ass 20" wheels on their car.
Slightly defensive???

Believe me my car will never see a set of 20" wheels....

Now how fun would life be if we all had the same opinion on everything? The forum is nothing more than a collection of opinions, so why are you so upset that some of us aren't impressed by putting a roll cage in a M3? In fact the last quote you posted the member not only got upset that I didn't get excited, but they had to turn their response into a personal attack, instead of keeping it about the car....