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Originally Posted by VTECaddict View Post
Nope. The metal key has no electronics in it. The car detects the fob, not the metal key.

If you have CA and you leave the fob in the trunk and close it, it will re-open the trunk if it does not sense another fob outside. Yes, I have tested it without the metal key in the fob.

I have not tested to see if the DOORS will unlock themselves without another fob outside, but that scenario is hard to come by in the real world. Usually you would use the CA ridges on the handle to lock, and the ridges dont work if the fob is not outside of the car with you. Or press the lock button on the fob, which obviously requires the fob to be in your possession.
I assumed that the fob can detect whether the key is in the fob or not. If it can't then it looks like by locking the car with the key it disables the fob, because my car stays locked with the fob in the trunk. I checked this before purchasing a car with CA to make sure I could leave the fob in the car when surfing. I've done this several times and the car always remains locked.