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Originally Posted by foosh View Post
Without question, Hoosier R6s, if, as you said, you're looking for a "track tire." Any decent performance tire (even street) is going to be relatively expensive, and wear out pretty quickly on the track.

Purpose-built D.O.T. approved R-compound 'track tires' (like the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup) are going to wear out fast.

R-compound tires uses a much softer rubber compound, compared to the harder and more durable rubber compound used in your typical high performance street tire. This is why 'track tires' wear out so quick.

They are very 'sticky' on the track (once you get the tires up to their proper operating temps), but they will wear out much faster than street tires if you push them hard.

One other thing to consider...

R-compounds are also dangerous for use on the street, due to their poor wet weather performance. The chances of hydroplaning (and spinning out of control) is increased substantially with this type of tire.
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