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Originally Posted by fpblue View Post
Anyone run on the Pirellis? How would you compare them to the Michelin's? How does the handling compare? Treadwear? I have already read the reviews on, but I want to know what real people have experienced. I am not worried about the extra cost of the Pirellis. To be honest, I prefer not to buy products from France.
The Pirelli P Zero can hold it's own with the Michelin PS2 performance wise.

Wet traction, dry traction, treadwear, tire weights, etc. are all very close.

The P Zero beats the PS2 by a slim margin in some categories, while the PS2 edges out the P Zero in others.

So it's a tougher call than some would think...

I have recommended both tires over the years, and they each seem to have a loyal fan base in the high-performance tire market.

With all that said, I would only recommend the Pirelli Zero for wheels with tricky offsets that require a skinny width tire within a given size.

Personally, I would never buy a Pirelli high-performance tire.

lol...on your France comment.
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